Edge Glued Panels

Edge Glued Panels


Edge glued panels is the material which border the natural state of wood most of all, because it is made from glued lamellas of massive wood. Therefore it is possible to produce relatively wide surfaces, which do bend or break less than solid wood. Besides it is possible to manufacture wide edge glued panels from smaller logs, which saves natural resources.

Edge glued panels from oak, acacia, beech and many other have approved in kitchens, but they are also usable for manufacturing furniture like a shelf or as a table top.

The surface finish of edge glued panels with oil, lacquer or wax is not only a protection, it is also a possibility for an individual design for every living ambiance. Due to the surface treatments, the wood looks always more alive and it underlines the visual character of the type of wood.


1 - Acacia worktop

2 - Walnut edge glued panel

3 - Beech furniture panel

4 - Bamboo edge glued panel

5 - Boards (beech, oak, acacia)

6 - Oak worktop